"Company Profile"
Company Name  "The Sign Maker Tengudo"
Address  12-21 Nanakamachi Aizuwakamatsu City 965-0044, Japan
E-mail  kanban@tengudo.com
Telephone No.  0242-22-2459
FAX No.  0242-22-2463
Business Items  Indoor and Outdoor Signboards, Vehicle Graphics
 Large Format Inkjet Print
 Design and Construction to Placement
Capital Stock  JPY 10,000,000
Foundation  March 10, 1949
Owned Facility  Solvent Ink Large Format Printer (Mimaki JV-150)
 Cutting Plotter (Mimaki CG-130FXII)
 Flatbed Applicator (Rollover Flexi)
 Large Format Laminator, Laser Engraving Machine
 Welding Machine, Shirring Machine
 Tablesaw, Large jigsaw Board, etc.
Our Clients  Fukushima-Prefecture, Aizuwakamatsu-city
 Aizu-Wakamatsu City Tourism Bureau
 Fukushima Medical University Aizu Medical Center
 Aizu Commerce and Industry Credit Union, Toho Bank Aizu Branch
 Aizu Highschool, Aizu University
 Fukushima Toyota Motor Cars, Aizu Mitsubishi Motor Cars
Exterior Advertisement Registration  Fukushima Prefecture Registration No. 40002
 Fukushima City Registration No. 30-S085
 Kooriyama City Registration No. 06-S023
 Iwaki City Registration No. 153
Exterior Advertisement Personnel Registration  No. 4270
Qualifications  Second-class Electrician
 Second-grade Interior Architect
 Second-grade color coordinator
 High Lift Work Vehicle Operator's Certification
Joining Group  Federation of Japan Out-door Advertising Associations
 Fukushima Prefecture Out-door Advertising Associations
 Fukushima Prefecture Advertisement Society of Fine Arts
Winning prizes  Sep. 14, 2019  The 1st Prize in Sign Art Competitioin in Fukushima Prefecture
 Sep. 10, 2016  The 2nd Prize in Sign Art Competitioin in Fukushima Prefecture
 Oct. 18, 2014  The 2nd Prize in Tohoku Sign Art Competition
 Sep. 5, 2014  The 3rd Prize in Sign Art Competitioin in Fukushima Prefecture
The History of our Company
March 10, 1949  Started the buisiness as a sign maker.
Feb. 16, 1973  Capital started at JPY 3,000,000
 Institutionalized as limited Company Tengudo
March 10, 2004  Capital up to JPY 10,000,000
 Reorganized in Corporation Tengudo

"The Sign Maker Tengudo"  12-21 Nanokamachi Aizuwakamatsu City 965-0044  TEL:0242-22-2459
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